We have added 2 exciting workshops but space is limited. One workshop will be Feb 12th at noon-15:00 and the other Feb 13th. 09:00-12:00  Critical Care Transesophageal Echo: TEE for the general intensivist

Once regarded as a tool only for the CV ICU, the reliability, image clarity and ease of imaging of TEE is now being put to use increasingly in the general ICU. As critical care echo becomes the dominant means through which intensivists diagnose and manage shock states, TEE offers many advantages over TTE and is an evolving tool in the intensivist’s tool kit. In this unique hands-on workshop, using high-fidelity simulators, image interpretation sessions using actual cases and lectures from leaders in this nascent field, participants will be able to participate in the cognitive and procedural aspects of critical care TEE for the generally ICU patient.