This year we are partnering with The Canadian Cardiovascular Critical Care (CANCARE) Society.

CANCARE Society was founded in 2009 and became registered in 2012. It is an affiliate of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society since 2015 with members from cardiac critical care, acute cardiology, cardiac surgery, nursing, perfusion and allied health team members.

The goal of CANCARE Society is to unite the interdisciplinary members involved in the care of critically ill cardiac patients in order to expand and improve the knowledge and quality of care in this field. Our membership unites key players in the cardiac intensive care domain, representing all cardiac surgical intensive care units as well as coronary care units across Canada.

The CANCARE Network is involved with the Canadian Society of Cardiac Surgeons (CSCS), the Canadian Critical Care Society (CCCS), the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS). They have collaborated in guideline development, national and international meeting seminars and presentations and were authors of several publications in the field of cardiac critical care. Since its inception, the CANCARE Society has been reaching clinicians throughout Canada and abroad with its interactive website.
CANCARE is organizing a plenary session on Wednesday afternoon and hands on workshops on Thursday.