Susan Harrison

Over 30 years as a nurse in Canada and the United States has given me the opportunities to work in Surgical ICU, Emergency and Flight Nursing in both rotor and fixed winged aircrafts. I am proud to have been actively involved in developing the first Centre for Disaster Medicine at the University of New Mexico. Adult Education training has provided me with the tools to create safe learning environments that facilitate a collaborative approach to learning for all. My background is in disaster medicine, pre-hospital and emergency critical care nursing. My experiences in health care have both enhanced my role as the Head Nurse of Education at Vancouver General Hospital and provided me with the ability to effectively advocate for the safety of front line workers physically and emotionally. Further, my experience and training in Critical Incident Stress Management has emphasized that emotional wellness is imperative while working in traumatic environments. My greatest passion is bringing healing to those who have been through traumatic, stressful situations or have exhausted the capacity to care. My goal is to help my colleagues find healthy perceptions of themselves so they can continue to provide outstanding care to patients while working in the most arduous environments. Our current focus is on providing resiliency techniques developed in the Critical Incident Stress Management program to our colleagues. Development of techniques such as defusing and working with mental health experts to provide healthy solutions that can be used in unhealthy environments is my plan for developing resiliency.