Simmie Kalan

RN, Clinical Nurse Educator

Simmie Kalan is a Clinical Nurse Educator for the Intensive Care Unit, at Vancouver General Hospital in British Columbia. She is a licensed Registered Nurse and has her Canadian Nurses of Critical Care Nurses certification, currently Simmie is working on her Masters of Nursing, Education from the University of Victoria. Simmie has successfully enhanced nursing orientation by using various teaching/learning techniques that promote self-directed learning, simulation, skills stations, as well as case studies. She has been instrumental in the development and maintenance of the Extracorporeal Life Support Specialists program, Interdisciplinary Simulation program, as well as the Neuro-Critical Care program at VGH. She has presented at multiple conferences including Whistler Critical Care Conference, Canadian Association of Critical Care nurses in Quebec, and the American Burn Association in Chicago. Simmie has also served as the Vice-President for the BC Chapter of Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses.